About us

ForceComprehensive takes pride in assisting companies so that they may become technological leaders in the transition to global enterprise connectivity platforms like Salesforce and MuleSoft.

About us

ForceComprehensive's mission

As software such as Salesforce and MuleSoft gain popularity, the market is riddled with consulting companies demanding unreasonable payoff in exchange for confusing and unmanageable advice.

ForceComprehensive is the solution.

Companies assistance pertains to all aspects of enterprise connectivity transformation, including MuleSoft training, coaching, delivery, project management, and consulting. ForceComprehensive also provides MuleSoft staff augmentation services with top class certified resources both on US soil and overseas.

A team of elite experts will ensure success for your company with a thorough understanding of tools, empathy for your company's unique goals, and a passion for the success of your MuleSoft projects.

ForceComprehensive will provide a seamless change at a price within your budgetary capabilities.

A team of elite experts

ForceComprehensive showcases a team of consultants with exquisite skills in software such as Salesforce and MuleSoft, with well-documented experience in programming and instruction.

The ForceComprehensive team will demonstrate a dedication to their client's needs that goes unmatched by any other company.

Jim Turner. President and CEO

Jim Turner

President and CEO

Jim is a serial entrepreneur with a long-lasting history in the management of IT companies. With over 20 years of management experience, Jim dedicates himself entirely to his projects to ensure satisfaction for every customer.

As the acting CEO of Tizbi, Jim has had the pleasure of working with professionals internationally and locally. Jim's background lies in IT, manufacturing, and large-scale software development projects.

Alexander "Sasha" Birger

President and CEO

Sasha has worked for 25 years in IT and has managed multiple companies that have engaged with organizations of all sizes. These projects have had positive effects on the general community, and a direct influence on the companies he has collaborated with.

Sasha has a background in physics, programming, and software development. He takes pride in expanding his professional community by providing others with the necessary resources to succeed.

Alexander "Sasha" Birger. CIO
Dmitry Ivanov. CTO

Dmitry Ivanov


Dmitry is a technical leader with enduring skills in various areas that include technical work as well as other professional fields. Dmitry has a broad vision for his work, providing the proper technical direction for his projects.

With a background in engineering and decades of experience in leadership, Dmitry is a reliable problem solver. He is dependable and goes above and beyond in his dedication to every project.

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