Salesforce administration

ForceComprehensive has all the Salesforce expertise that you need to enforce smooth deployment, management, and maintenance of your salesforce instances.


How does our Salesforce administration service empower you?

Our talented team of Salesforce admin experts will empower and elevate your business and your Salesforce experience in the following ways:


We ensure your Salesforce implementation is always working at peak performance.

Evolve and future-proof your investment

We ensure your Salesforce implementation keeps up with your evolving business needs.

Avoid unwanted commitments/investments

Protect your budget and ensure Salesforce-related costs are predictable.

Adherence to data governance principles

We'll help to ensure data quality, data security, data ownership, and data access needs, are observed.


Keep abreast of our Salesforce service and your performance through regular professional reports.

Integration and customization support

We ensure that your digital ecosystem and Salesforce solutions work seamlessly, conveniently, and intuitively.

End-consumer support

We work with your IT team or directly with your end-consumer to ensure your Salesforce-related services and queries are rendered as expected.

Education and better service delivery

We educate both end-users and staff to ensure smooth product delivery, happy consumers, and smarter business practice.

Scope of our administration service

ForceComprehensive wants your business to fully benefit from your Salesforce investment. Our certified Salesforce admins will work with you in the following ways:


Salesforce functionality

We manage typical Salesforce functionality for your business including, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, eCommerce Cloud, Heroku Cloud Service/Mobile App engagement, Enterprise cloud, MuleSoft Anypoint Platform integrations, Lightning Platform, and Community Cloud.


Business architecture design

We help to design and uncover a suitable business architecture that will tap Salesforce's full potential in supporting your business needs.


Business process automation

We use Salesforce's point-and-click features to automate business processes such as assigning tasks, automatic email alerts, notifications, etc.


User profile management

Salesforce user-profiles define what a user can do based on various permissions. Roles define what a user has access to based on their hierarchy. For example, sales-reps will only want to see data that is relevant to their sales work. A sales manager will need more in-depth data about all sales reps and can do more with the data they have access to. We also add and delete user accounts as required.


Data security management

We ensure that your access to Salesforce data, applications, and solutions is never compromised. If we uncover any potential threats, we get rid of them immediately.


Regular reporting

We make sure that you remain informed by letting you know what matters to you the most. Our experts can also create custom fields to ensure that the data that you receive is customized to your specific needs. A reporting schedule can appropriately be agreed upon for status and security health reports.


Salesforce configuration and optimization

We configure and optimize Salesforce validation rules, workflows, tabs, AppExchange apps, dashboards, reports, etc., to ensure that they match business logic, UI, and data model requirements of your Salesforce solution.


End-user training

We provide training to staff and/or end-users to ensure smooth product delivery, happy consumers, and smarter business practice.


User support

We provide user support to ensure that users get the most out of Salesforce and that they can resolve any issues they come across expeditiously through our help desk.


Salesforce monitoring and performance checks

We monitor vital parameters to ensure the smooth operation of your Salesforce solutions. For example, we can monitor logs and workloads to ensure that everything is running efficiently and that there are no slow-downs or malfunctions.


SLA-based improvements and resolutions

Improvements and resolutions are undertaken according to an agreed bucket of hours in Service Level Agreements (SLAs). These improvements and resolutions are typically beyond the scope of Salesforce administration, but we sort them out to ensure a smooth workflow without having to disrupt your budget or operations.


Third-party apps and integrations

We support and manage third-party apps like HelloSign for Salesforce, Formstack, Trail Tracker, etc. and SaaS Salesforce integrations like HubSpot, DocuSign, SAP, SharePoint, QuickBooks, etc.

What to expect from our Salesforce administration service

Regardless of whether we (or another third-party) have provided other Salesforce services to you or not, we use the following basic guideline to determine and recommend the kind of Salesforce admin service you need:

Solution health-check

We perform a comprehensive health-check of your Salesforce solution.

Tests and reviews

We test and review your current integrations and customizations.

Performance analysis

We conduct a performance analysis of different components of your Salesforce solution including custom apps.

Security audit

We perform a Salesforce security audit.

Options to choose

We provide you with options to choose for our service based on your available resource capacity (personnel, finances, infrastructure, etc.).

Some of the primary considerations for the costing of our service include:

  • 1

    SLA agreement and the plan option you choose.
  • 2

    Size of the business and the number of Salesforce users.
  • 3

    The complexity of Salesforce integrations and customizations.

Looking for another Salesforce service?

ForceComprehensive's team provides variety of other Salesforce solutions and services which could be suitable for your organization.



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