Salesforce consulting

We offer end-to-end Salesforce consulting services to clients that want to uncover the full potential of Salesforce to support their specific business needs.

Salesforce consulting

Business challenges we solve

We offer in-depth, functional expertise, and a holistic perspective to squeeze out every ounce of value that can be captured across geographic boundaries or between silos in any organization.

Some of the challenges that our clients approach us to help them solve using Salesforce include:

Drawn-out case resolution time and poor customer service

Inconsistent marketing and low sales

Communication issues between customers, employees, and partners

Lack of a personal touch or integrated approach to service delivery

We offer new ideas, research-proven methods, and specialized knowledge to simplify your Salesforce journey.

Ultimately, we help your business reach, acquire, convert, and retain more customers by keeping them happy through tightly integrating your company, stakeholders, and systems with robust and faster app integration. Our end-to-end Salesforce experts do this by:

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    Implementing reliable cutting-edge solutions

    We analyze our client's requirements and offer an initial evaluation, including ways to fulfill business needs using Salesforce's full capabilities to solve critical issues and uncover opportunities. Client requirements range from digitizing, customizing, and migrating from other CRMs to Salesforce, to improving siloed services (e.g., sales, marketing, and customer service) into an integrated CRM platform.

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    Upgrading existing solutions

    We partner with our clients to deliver robust, actionable strategies for enhancing current Salesforce solutions with suitable customizations and integrations that fit client needs. Enhancements can range from customizing with code to modifying with point-and-click tools.

ForceComprehensive's Salesforce consulting services

Whether you plan to implement a new Salesforce solution (or to upgrade an existing one), ForceComprehensive offers full Salesforce consulting services that include:


Delineating and mapping business objectives

We work with clients to outline clear business objectives that Salesforce can support and then map these objectives into Salesforce features that can be achieved.


Addressing critical issues and uncovering opportunities

We help clients address challenges in an efficient and timely manner, whether it involves reducing case resolution time, introducing efficient email marketing, automating sales processes, increasing visibility in reports, etc.


Recommending suitable Salesforce tools

We help clients choose and only adopt what they need and want to use.


Plan and manage Salesforce customization and integration

We help define necessary customizations that are aligned with business processes and map any necessary integrations with external systems to ensure maximum utilization and full compliance.


Seamless Salesforce implementation

We help clients strategize and implement Salesforce within scope, budget, and schedule to address business needs. Our Salesforce consultants supervise the Salesforce implementation process to ensure that our clients' needs are fully realized.


Salesforce enablement

We design a user adoption strategy for our clients to reduce the learning curve and quickly master the new system. Enablement can include iterative user training, release notes, and responsive user support.


Process support within the Salesforce ecosystem

Our Salesforce consultants do this by gathering requirements and collaborating with the client in designing and implementing Salesforce solutions. Our experts also provide comprehensive Salesforce support to ensure maximum effectiveness of implemented solutions.

Salesforce products, tools and solutions we consult on

We strongly believe that Salesforce should not get in the way of doing business but should instead be an empowering tool to help you elevate and evolve your business. We work with our clients to ensure that Salesforce seamlessly works as expected. You can request our expertise in any of the following Salesforce products:

Looking for another Salesforce service?

ForceComprehensive's team provides variety of other Salesforce solutions and services which could be suitable for your organization.

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