Salesforce customization

Our Salesforce experts are equipped to customize your existing Salesforce solutions based on your unique business needs.

Salesforce customization


We have 20+ years of experience building custom software solutions and vast experience configuring and customizing Salesforce solutions across different industries.

Salesforce is used by millions of users worldwide and across hundreds of industry verticals. That said, not every salesforce out-of-the-box solution will work for every organization because businesses are unique and have distinct process workflows.

We understand that some companies may require solutions that fit their unique needs in a more effective and intuitive way.

How we adapt Salesforce to your business needs

ForceComprehensive develops custom Salesforce solutions that extend the functionality and aesthetics of your CRM, to do more, feel personal, be consistent with your brand, and help you be more effective, efficient, and productive.

Salesforce configuration

We tailor Salesforce using point-and-click tools available in the Salesforce platform to match the business logic, UI, and data model requirements of your Salesforce solution.

These changes to the 'vanilla' Salesforce experience can include changes to validation rules, workflows, tabs, AppExchange apps, dashboards, reports, etc.

Salesforce customization

When Salesforce configuration is not possible or elegant using point-and-click tools, our experts use code to achieve your desired outcome.

Usually, customization is recommended when:

  • Business logic is complex.
  • Large amounts of data need to be manipulated or viewed.
  • Integration with external systems is required.
  • Dashboards or reports need to pull data that is not available in 'vanilla' versions of Salesforce.

Let ForceComprehensive help you leverage the untapped power of Salesforce customization to enhance your productivity, improve customer engagement, increase revenue/ROI, and boost profits.

Whether you need continuous Salesforce support or one-time Salesforce project management, we engage at a deep level to surpass your expectations for what is possible through Salesforce.

On several occasions, our clients call us to help them fix issues that other vendors cannot resolve expeditiously and to satisfaction. Salesforce managing, with changing business needs, can add complexity or may require elegant simplicity that necessitates the deep understanding that our Salesforce professionals possess.

ForceComprehensive help you leverage the untapped power

Salesforce products, tools and solutions we customize

ForceComprehensive can customize all Salesforce products, tools, and solutions across industry verticals. We help organizations build stronger engagement experiences, enhance efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, and close more deals faster.

Service Cloud

Effectively manage customer support.

Marketing Cloud

Strengthen customer relationships.

Sales Cloud

Efficiently manage sales processes.

eCommerce Cloud

Unify, grow and build faster eCommerce experiences.

Heroku Cloud Service and developer experience

Build Salesforce-connected custom apps for engaging user experiences.

Enterprise Cloud

Use the Lightning Platform to build, integrate, automate, mobilize and streamline business processes with custom scalable apps.

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

Connect data, devices or apps on-premises or in the cloud.

Industry-specific Company Management Software

Tailored Salesforce solutions for your specific industry and business needs.

Lightning Platform / Community Cloud

Create CRM powered experiences using pre-built templates, partner-built industry-specific solutions.

Einstein Analytics

Leverage AI-powered capabilities to automate and enhance intelligent data-driven solutions.

Quip for Salesforce

Enhance community management and employee collaboration, through the integration of real-time chat/feeds.

The amount of data used, the complexity of internal processes, and business needs will determine the best solution that our experts will recommend.

Our Salesforce certified developers will choose the most appropriate solution which will typically be either custom development using the Lightning Platform or default Salesforce tools. Some of the customizations we will make include:


Custom fields and objects adding to improve Salesforce functionality

For example, when using Salesforce for real estate businesses, the software may not natively track rental properties. However, we can add a custom 'rental property' object and appropriate fields to track the same.


Automate tasks

We can customize Apex triggers and automation Salesforce workflow tools like Process Builder, Workflow rules, or use Apex code to automate repetitive tasks that take away valuable time and attention from other productive tasks.


Custom data processing

Instead of taking up lots of time sifting through data, appending it, deleting, etc. we can help users to manipulate data in bulk without any negative impact on data integrity. Custom triggers can be used to process data instantly as needed.


Custom email templates and management of email attachments

We can change the look of emails and help users to manage email attachments to fit their needs and maintain brand identity.


Custom dashboards and reports

Visibility is crucial to awareness and faster decision making. We can reduce the clutter and customize dashboards and reports for specific users or scenarios so that users can keep track and make informed decisions faster.


Salesforce and AI customization for specific business needs

We customize Einstein Analytics for your particular business requirements, which can help make more intelligent data-driven decisions faster.


Custom solutions for Salesforce integration with third-party systems

We connect our client's digital ecosystems and implement their digital strategies by integrating APIs, data sources, ERPs, CRMs, applications, and third-party solutions based on business objectives.

Looking for another Salesforce service?

ForceComprehensive's team provides variety of other Salesforce solutions and services which could be suitable for your organization.

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