Salesforce extension capability

Typically, an out of the box Salesforce small business or enterprise solution is enough to fulfill most business needs. However, sometimes, more is required beyond the basic capabilities that the Salesforce platform can offer depending on specific company/industry needs.

Salesforce extension capability

Some of the ways we help a business to take advantage of Salesforce's industry-specific extension capabilities include the following:


Building small apps or extensions that solve a set of specific tasks within Salesforce.


Building complex apps or capabilities that add extensive functionality to Salesforce.


Designing, implementing and automating tasks and workflows specific to your business.


Adding the latest Salesforce features to enhance productivity.


Building apps in the AppExchange to integrate company products with Salesforce or to diversify independent sources of revenue.


Building native (fully coded on Salesforce) and non-native or hybrid applications (Data or code doesn't fully live within the Salesforce platform).


Building extensions for mobile devices and browsers to enhance the Salesforce experience, enterprise productivity, and ROI.


Creating new Page Layouts, Visualforce pages, Views, S-controls, Apex classes, and Triggers.

ForceComprehensive offers end-to-end Salesforce solutions that span multiple domains and industries, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Logistics
  • Advertising & PR
  • Entertainment
  • Hospitality & tourism
  • Manufacturing
  • Real estate
  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • Professional services
  • E-commerce
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Beauty
  • Other industries

Our approach to Salesforce extension capability

Established and efficient project management

Salesforce is used to develop custom applications through collaborations with stakeholders to ensure full alignment of application functionality. In case of change requirements, we quickly adapt the app and adjust at every stage of the project. We have a mature process for risk management, security management, budget management, time management, and personnel/developer work management. Our well-established process ensures delivery of a high-quality product while at the same time preventing project cost and scope creep.

Needs-based delivery model

We deliver Salesforce extension capabilities by delivering a complete final product at once or through an iterative and incremental approach. This Scrum/Agile methodology is best suited for comprehensive business requirements that need to be further developed and improved upon while giving the user access to basic functionality immediately. We deliver a complete final product right-away when the extension capability required is used to solve a narrow set of specific Salesforce tasks.

Quality assurance

We have a strong focus on top-notch quality of the solutions that we provide not just from a functionality standpoint but also from a user experience, security, and architecture/code perspective. Our standards ensure that modification, evolution, and maintenance of the solution is future-proof and simplified.

Long-term support and progression

Once an extension capability is live, we continue to collaborate with our customers, and adapt to changing business needs, adjusted budgets, scope, and schedules. Such collaboration allows Salesforce extension capabilities to evolve and progress, based on resource availability and next logical improvements.

Full-stack technology and business teams

Our talent pool is comprised of project managers, business analysts, business process architects, marketing automation experts, technology architects, and engineers, administrators, developers and architects, and other experts. These experts can provide comprehensive support and allow your extension capabilities to adapt/evolve as you scale your business.


Since ForceComprehensive has a vast talent pool under the same roof, we can help you choose the best needs-based delivery model and appropriately prioritize the right skill-set at the right time to ensure top-notch quality at the least possible cost. Generally, for less than the full price of a Salesforce certified professional, you can take full advantage of our experienced team of professionals.

Our extension capability solutions

Empower your staff by letting our Salesforce extension capability experts create the ideal environment for productivity. Our experts dig deep to manage details that get in the way of efficiency and effectiveness in all areas where Salesforce is used. We can help in the following areas:

We help organizations design and implement automation of tasks and workflows using Salesforce automation tools like Workflow Rules, Visual Workflows, Approval Processes, and the Lightning Process Builder.

We also help simplify complex processes into drag-and-drop actions to streamline tasks and workflows. For example, process automation can be used to manage deals at different stages using visual workflows. Also, drag-and-drop actions can be used to change a marketing leads status.

ForceComprehensive can extend the capability of Salesforce security to the field level. In essence, security can be implemented for specific fields of single records and of single objects. Field-level security allows users to only see the data that they are authorized to view.

We also implement complex data models that are secured at different levels with secure login authentication (including two-factor authentication) and login-history tracking.

ForceComprehensive can build robust custom Salesforce solutions that enhance the platform experience. We collaborate with our customers through the full-cycle of the Salesforce development process including, business analysis, requirements analysis, UX/UI design, development, quality assurance, integrations, user training, launch, and after-launch support.

Our full-stack Salesforce developers use a wide variety of Salesforce products, tools, and solutions to get the job done. They also use LCNC (low-code/no-code) for faster coding and to integrate legacy Salesforce solutions with modern ones.

We integrate modern, legacy, and third-party solutions/systems to ensure that customers leverage the full functionality and value of their digital investments. We certify that these integrations are reliable, scalable, and secure.

The Salesforce integration extension capabilities we offer include:

  • Seamless connection and access to external data sources.
  • Integrating Salesforce to external applications or enterprise hubs using APIs like SOAP, REST, etc.
  • ForceComprehensive's Salesforce integration options, including QuickBooks, Workday and SAP integration, etc.
  • Cloud-to-Cloud integration between Salesforce and other cloud-based services through secure web services and toolkits.

We help organizations to customize Salesforce1 by building native and non-native/hybrid mobile applications to meet their business requirements.

Through the Salesforce App Cloud, we empower users to create, ran, and manage their own connected mobile applications that allow them to access data at any time and place through an intuitive mobile UI.

Some of the Salesforce mobile extension capabilities solutions we offer or work on include:


Salesforce1 mobile applications on the AppExchange

We design, build, and deploy these applications by leveraging custom UI/UX.


Salesforce1 Instant Available Runtime

We use pre-built components from 'vanilla' Salesforce1 runtime to develop custom applications for the whole business.


Salesforce1 and Lightning Experience

These tools are used to build engaging/lively interactions with the platform.


Heroku for non-native/hybrid mobile solutions

Applications can be deployed on Heroku, a cloud application platform that simplifies the deployment and running of web applications using several languages and frameworks including PHP, Python, Node.js, Ruby, Java, Clojure, Go, and Scala. Our Salesforce experts will help your business share data bi-directionally between Heroku and Salesforce.


Access to offline data

We can help you to access offline data on Salesforce1 applications and then synchronize data between the app's offline database and the Salesforce platform when you are connected.

Technologies and tools we use

ForceComprehensive's full-stack Salesforce development team constantly works with front-end and back-end languages, platforms, and technologies to ensure that our customer's needs are fully served.


APEX, Java, PHP, SOQL, Spring and language-independent data formats like JSON.

Front-end technologies

HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, ReactJS, Webpack, Responsive Design, and Ajax.


Visualforce and Ruby on Rails.


Lightning, Salesforce1, Salesforce App Cloud, Heroku, and .NET.



Other technologies

Other technologies found in mobile devices, cloud, AR/VR, IoT, and bots.

ForceComprehensive's Salesforce solutions and services

Our diverse team of experts include developers, administrators, project managers, consultants, quality assurance engineers, infrastructure specialists, expert architects, help desk personnel, sales and marketing professionals, among other experts that cater to our client's needs.


Experience of custom software development and CRM development.

Broad industry/domain experience.

In-house reliable team of QA engineers.

Expertise in building complex analytical apps.

Efficient and successful development methodology as well as flexible engagement models.

Experience in applying a wide assortment of technologies like big data, AI and Machine Learning, data science, image analysis, and IoT, to enhance Salesforce capabilities.

Benefits of our extension capability offer

  • Improved scalability, flexibility, and performance of the newly built/upgraded systems.
  • Enhanced employee and organization efficiency as well as customer satisfaction due to optimized business processes.
  • Enhanced data security and risk mitigation due to our high-quality assurance standards.
  • Improved analytical and data-driven decisions opportunities.
  • Costs savings due to effectively implemented process automation and enhanced system performance.
  • Reliable and efficient rendering and visualization of big data.

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